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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2019 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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winning us u.s. president donald trump has alarmed investors by saying that a trade deal with china may have to wait until after the u.s. presidential election in 2023 in a visit to london trump claim that china was keen to agree to a deal but that he was in no rush and was happy to wait markets have been hoping for an end to the trade war by the end of this year. and for more on this let's check in now with our financial correspondent in frankfurt chelsea delaney so chelsie how are markets they're reacting to these comments. it's a lot of red if you if i mean this is the dax the dax it started up it had a strong start to the day it's been going further and further downward as as we've gone on u.s. stock futures are down about 0.3 percent the footsie in london about one percent these comments are really a bit of a surprise to traders they had expected a deal over the next couple of weeks just last week that said we're in the final throes of an agreement so there had been a lot of optimism that the u.s.
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and china were really close to a deal and that has really pushed markets to new highs over the past couple of weeks and this also is adding to concerns after. a new tariffs against france the u.s. france argentina brazil and the e.u. yesterday's there's really a lot of a lot of concern and uncertainty about how u.s. trade policy is going to play out over the next several months all roads with small tuesday for the markets josie delaney in frankfurt thank you. let's go over to hong kong now where chief executive carrie lim says u.s. legislation supporting protesters may damage business confidence in the financial hub she said the u.s. move to sign into law a hong kong human rights bill was quote unquote wholly unnecessary the former british colony is currently going through its 1st recession in a decade as riots continue to tourists retail sales are also collapsing lammas announce new aid measure to try and boost the city's economy the government has already pledged $2700000000.00 to help the transport tourism and retail sectors
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cope with the own going up evil. correspondents odong hun joins me now from taipei 0 it's good to see you as always is this. is this threat from the u.s. actually giving foreign business is there a scare as lamb suggests. not yes stephen i mean carolan said in the press conference that the most impact right now is on confidence it has created an unstable environment in the business now a warrior about what kind of action washington might take the result the assessment and she also pointed out that the new u.s. law might be a major blow to u.s. companies in hong kong and we know they are more than $1300.00 company u.s. companies in hong kong and most of them are regional headquarters so if the us changed on concessions datas these companies might consider to move by them with
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the a real serious impact on the city so it's just in there that this measure might actually backfire on u.s. companies now lamb promise here more economic help for the city do we have any idea what she's talking about when she says that. she just said the government will launch a 4th round of measures to support business project jobs and all for economic relieved and from the purse measures my come up with new policies for example like more relaxed mortgage rules and compulsory land purchases for housing or more stuff that these for low income families and these our measures that she could continue to do. so and briefly there what kind of businesses are really feeling this economic downturn hong kong the most briefly if you. were according to the government statistics home constant retail fell's plunged 24 percent in october from a year earlier so from there we can really see that it's the retail industry that
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is feeling the most pain right now in hong kong. so it's on joining us from taipei thank you very much. women's high heeled shoes are an expression of femininity and often a source of day long discomfort for some japanese working women there an expectation in the office place one of many stated and unstated dress code requirements that don't exist for men now a group of women is pushing back against such double standards take a look. it began as a clamp down on unnecessary foot pain now too is a rallying cry against massage in japan the name is a play on 2 words could too meaning shoes and could sue mean in pain this is the woman who spearheaded the movement on her way to present a petition signed by well over 31000 people calling on the government to include dress codes for women in new anti workplace harris month. here's how she describes
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the experience of having to wear 3 inch heels to work a little more study theer my little toe would lead every single day you look at there on the. counter where these kinds of shoes. are these gender differences in clothing only don't meant that we were supposed to wear something that could hurt. the movement isn't limited to heels either many japanese women complain about employers forcing them to wear makeup and make them ditch their glasses for contact. signs campaigners say of a deep rooted culture of the sergeant a in a country where women remain largely on the margins of business and politics and those who choose to remain single and childless often find themselves maligned. let's go back to europe now were german investment in russia hit its highest level
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in a decade last year but a new survey of german companies suggests mixed opinions when it comes to operating in the country a 3rd of the firms polled said the business climate in russia has worsened over the past year nearly as many said things have improved he complaints are excessive bureaucracy and a weak economy russia's economic growth of 1.7 percent in the 3rd quarter is below what's needed to meet president putin's target of beating global average growth by 2025. though many of the german businesses polled for that survey are supporters of the north stream 2 pipeline which is designed to bring gas from russia to germany the project is nearing completion and has many critics including the european commission the us and poland some fear the e.u. will become too dependent on russian natural gas and others feel they are just pawns in a power game of russia. luke mean in north eastern germany this is where the 1200 kilometer long stream to pipeline reaches the gym and both coast soon
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natural gas from russia will be flowing towards western europe circumventing ukraine gas market experts heiko loman says there's a fairly clear reason for building the pipeline. naturally the russian side always insists that nord stream too wasn't built to bypass ukraine like nord stream one but i believe that's exactly why. as special ships lay pipeline sections just a few kilometers off the german baltic sea coast resistance is coming from the u.s. they're planning sanctions possibly to include those operating the vessels instead of natural gas from russia the usa wants to sell its liquid gas there's also opposition to the pipeline in poland its antitrust authority has led to $20000000.00 fine on north stream to use financing company reportedly because the proper documents went submitted my opinion notion to cannot be stopped because it's
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so. it's. developing in the way that actually make it possible to put a hold now however there is a chance to take the profit the ability over to project down to gas from the well to operate normally to harder ply payday in lithuania the baltic country gets its liquefied natural gas by ship from qatar poland has signed contracts with the us for liquefied gas both countries want to free themselves from dependence on russia. but taking climate change into consideration the north stream to pipeline could also be used to transport hydrogen instead of natural gas experts like heiko loman say climate killing greenhouse gases can be avoided that way. when you. supposed to use natural gas long term and i'm sorry most to split hydrogen and
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carbon dioxide the russians are working on a process for making solid carbon so there won't even be a need for carbon dioxide storage and. that means large volumes of liquefied hydrogen could be transported by note stream to replacing climate damaging natural gas it's only a dream for the future the climate change is accelerating the process. is the corruption case gripping malaysia the one in d.b. state investment fund scandal involves a fugitive fraudster billions in swindle wealth as well as a luxury yachts now former prime minister has taken the stand to defend himself against multiple charges in the case for. the former malaysian prime minister najib razak looks relaxed arriving at a kuala lumpur courthouse it belies the fact that he faces $42.00 corruption charges ranging from abuse of power to money laundering. prosecutors believe he played a role in losing the so-called war on m d
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b fund and investment vehicle set up by the malaysian government a decade ago supposedly and boosting development in the country. the story of the fund is now an open sore in malaysia a lawsuit filed by the u.s. department of justice alleges that at least $3500000000.00 has been stolen from it ransacked denies any wrongdoing his lawyer said the true cause person is this man jolo charged with theft in both malaysia and the u.s. his whereabouts remain unknown ransacks legal team say lho was the brains behind the entire operation. the cup so my dear friend is the end. scheme was devised by joel together with 4 out of ok 2 from saudi and another 2 from. the end i am management or one m b s odyssey will all be it all by joel they were all eating from the
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palms of jewel of los palms kept plenty for himself as well this luxury yacht seized by u.s. prosecutors is among the many things he is said to have bought with his wealth from the fund along with the castle paintings and a private jet. that's it from me and the d.w. business team here berlin you can of course find out more about these and other business stories on line a d w dot com slash business and also check us out on facebook and twitter i'm stephen bears in berlin let's watch.
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cuts. play. this is due to. criticism. from president. between. take you to lunch. program weather experts tell the climate summit in the trip to the last decade to. look at what it means for.


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